- Research Unleashed? [paper], September 6 2006

Paper for the theme: "Bibliometrics and Citations" at the conference: Electronic Publishing and Dissemination, Bridging the North-South Divide in Scholarly Communication on Africa. Threats and Opportunities in the Digital Era. Leiden, The Netherlands, 6 -8 September 2006. The CODESRIA-ASC Conference Series 2006


Blogged by Peter Suber at his Open Access News.


- CERN, Geneva, 21 October 2005, OAI, Google Scholar and Wikipedia are the answers, but what is the question? [see also the webcast (RealPlayer needed) see last half hour], presentation during the CERN workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI4).


- Vienna, 24 September 2003, Using DigiTool, first results and experiences, presentation for the 14th Annual ICAU meeting.



- DARE 2 SHARE Persistency, April 2007

- DARE use of Dublin Core, Version 2.0, December 2004.

- The dawning of the Dutch network of Digital Academic REpositories (DARE): a sharing experience published in Ariadne Magazine, October 2004.



- Hester van Santen: Leiden stort zich op open acces-project. INTERNET als uitgever, artikel in MARE, 10 March 2005.

- Nieuwsbrief Universiteit Leiden, Leidse wetenschap gaat online, 22 February 2005.

- Ik laat computers met elkaar praten, artikel in Trouw, 19 April 2004 in de rubriek de Verdieping / RELIGIE EN FILOSOFIE.

- Recensie voor het album New Power Soul van Prince voor Planet Internet, 30 June 1998.



Open access @ work for Leiden Research, November 3 2006.

Contains vod casts and pod casts as well as all presentations and a selection of pictures.